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About Naija Feet

We are an online shoe retail store based here in Nigeria. We realize there's an ever-growing need for trendy footwear in Nigeria and our main target is to satisfy that need.

We don't just sell shoes online, we style your feet and leave you with a pleasant after-purchase experience.  Buying footwear online via NaijaFeet would leave you wanting more. That's for sure.

That said, we don't just want you to buy shoes, we want you to buy the right kind of shoes that match your personality and set you apart from the crowd.

We know how much you spend to buy these really trendy shoes here in Nigeria. Well guess what? We are offering you prices that will shock you. We at Naijafeet believe that everybody from

young to old should be able to afford trendy quality shoes and not have to break the bank.

We deal all kinds of shoes ranging from plimsolls to sneakers, loafers to boat shoes, chukka boots to dress shoes, stilettos to flat soled shoes, sports shoes  and loads more.

We deal brands ranging from DC shoes to Ralph Polos, Reefs to Converse, Ollios to Aldos, Timberlands to Levis, ARiders and loads more...



Our mission is to deliver shoes to you at your doorstep while simultaneously providing you with an unforgettable online shopping experience.



Our vision is to bring you exotic footwear at VERY affordable prices. We intend to reach high-end as well as low-end consumers and provide exactly the same measure of satisfaction.

Linking Naija with the rest of the world in terms of footwear is what we do. We desire to provide the average Nigerian with the power of choice.