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Return Policy

Return Policy

What is your returns policy?

We hope you love your new naijafeet purchase. We offer returns for shoes that arrive damaged to the customer. For such shoes we offer a FULL refund to the customer.

However, for cases where customers get their shoe size wrong or just generally FEEL like returning the shoe they ordered, such customers will get charged a return fee. This means that Naijafeet will refund you the money paid for the order LESS the money paid for shipping. 

Customers are to ensure they get their shoe size right and we will ensure we send you the size you indicate when make your order. For guidance on  getting your shoe size correct, please feel free to utilize our size chart to help you with finding out your shoe size.   

Note: We do not offer a fitting on delivery service please ensure you get your shoe size right.


How can I return my order?

Since our returns policy only covers shoes/items that come damaged to the you, we suggest you hand the damaged shoe on the spot back to the delivery guy.

If you need any further help, contact our Customer Service team on